Anonymous Surfing

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The internet brings the world to our desktop. But that world includes a sub-world of spyware, worms, phishing attacks, and more. The most common online irritants include adware, spywares, and spam. There are so many vulnerabilities. Sometimes, browsing the internet without any vulnerability will be very difficult. One of the effective way to browse the Net without get attacked is ‘Anonymous surfing’.

Anonymous surfing is surfing the Net without your identity being disclosed to the Web sites you are visiting. Anonymous surfing works on the platform of proxy connections. This means that you are accessing the internet through a proxy server takes your internet requests (in the form of URLs) and retrieves the information through itself rather than through your computer. This retrieved information is therefore not displayed on your computer directly from the web site itself, and you remain invisible to the site.

There are certain risks involved with using proxy servers. A malicious proxy server could record all the information you send through it. Hence, it is always better to use proxy servers that are of known integrity.
Free proxy servers

1. Anonymouse
2. Iphide


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