Use Sticky Notes with Windows XP without Installing Any Software

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Have a look at a few small, handy things which aren’t part of windows. The first one will be Sticky Notes-the virtual equivalent of writing down tasks and reminders on paper and sticking somewhere around you. If you need this with Windows XP, you have to download and install freeware. But, you can use sticky notes in Windows XP without installing a third party tool.

It will take only five simple steps. Let’s do this in any computer within a few minutes by a simple trick. I thing this sticky notes will be an unavoidable tool in your office computers.

Sticky notes for windows
Create a file type:
Open ‘my computer’. Click on ‘tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Folder Options’ under the ‘file types’ tab click on the ‘new’ button to crate a new file extension. Type in ‘stk’ (short for sticky notes, of course) in the ‘create new extension window’ and hit enter.

Assign an action and an application:
In the folder options menu click on stk file and hit advanced button. A new window-Edit File Type-will is opened. Click the’ new’ button to assign and action for our purpose. Under ‘action’ type in ‘open’ and under ‘application user to perform action’ type in ‘notepad.exe’. Close the window.

Select an icon:
Click ‘change icon’ button in the already opened ‘Edit file window’. Select a icon and type in ‘Remind me’ just before ‘change icon’ button. Click ok. Close all windows opened.

Editing the registry:
Open registry editor by navigating Start-Run-Type in ‘regedit’-Click ‘OK’. Collapse the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and right click on ‘stk’ and select ‘new-key’ and type in ‘ShellNew’. By selecting ‘ShellNew’ right click ‘new-string value’ and type in ‘NullFile’. Exit the registry

Use this tool:
Right click on free space anywhere in explorer or on the desktop will show up ‘Remind Me’ under new. Select this option. Type in anything you want remind and stick it on anywhere in the free space. And here, the ‘sticky notes’.

Sticky notes for windows

We have actually created a notepad file. The reminder you typed in is actually a file name.

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